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LIONBEAT is a 1 man drumming/dj project featuring drummer Lenny Milano Jr. Born and raised in Utica New York, and son to local drumming legend Lenny Milano Sr., he naturally took an interest in drumming at an early age; but did not start taking drumming serious until around the age of 20. Forming his first band at that time with 3 of his closest friends, Lenny dove right into the live music scene, starting out playing parties and bar gigs for little cash and free beer split between band mates. From there he continued to learn, and teach himself how to play, and also continued consistant gigging over 10 years to this day, playing with a large number of bands varying in different genres of music. Lenny Jr has been fortunate enough to work with some of the best and most talented musicians in the CNY area, and has played in clubs all over New York State.

"The idea for this project came from the love of playing funk and groove and dance type music. When I'm out live and playing something upbeat and dancy, or really grooving like Stevie's Superstition, I love to watch the crowd dance n move to the beat that I'm holding down. I wanted to take that to another level. A more direct one on one with the crowd level. I want to feel the energy, passion, and fire off the crowd, and have them receive the same from me. Everyone loves a good dj, that plays all the top club, dance, pop, Hip Hop/R & B hits that keep you jumping, dancing, smiling and singing. Everyone also loves a good drummer that can drive a solid beat, keep a tight groove, and entertain with tasteful drum fills and showmanship. Why not combine the both."


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