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Aidan Park (The Yay Guy)

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Aidan Park (The Yay Guy) is a int’l keynote speaker, award-winning stand up comedian and best-selling author of the The Art of Being YAY:
The OMG NSFW Memoir and Guide to Authentic Joy (with a foreward by Margaret Cho).

Aidan's passion for spreading ideas for joy and empowerment is rooted in having survived extreme hardship in his early years. Aidan had to overcome poverty, homelessness, and young widowhood. Aidan empowered himself with self-development tools that were available to him and became an inspiring example of success in the world of comedy, business and wellness.

In The Art of Being Yay! Program, Aidan bravely shares his personal stories as examples of how to apply the tools that are presented in the workshops. As a professional stand-up comedian, the ideas in the workshop are with lots of humor for a one of a kind engaging learning experience.

Aidan uses his stand up comedy to deliver the messages in his speeches and workshops. As a comedian, Aidan has two comedy specials on NBC’s Peacock and Amazon Prime. In 2022, Aidan made history by being the first openly hiv-positive comedian on a major network. Aidan’s comedy has also been seen on NBC, Amazon Prime, PBS, CBS, TV Guide Channel, Hulu, Comedy Central.

Aidan is also known as “The Yay Guy” for launching his brand The Art of Being Yay based on his book which is about encouraging authentic joy and empowered living through the power of humor and storytelling.
Aidan has led happiness workshops for organizations such as Widows Camp, Google, Facebook,Connect to Succeed programs for youth and Los Angeles LGBT Center. In 2020, Aidan partnered with Los Angeles based New Economics for Women (NEW) to create MINDSET FOR MORE, an ongoing empowerment seminar for economic mobility in which the curriculum is driven through a comedic lens. In 2021, he was recognized and celebrated by the American Cancer Society for his leadership and volunteer work. In March 2021, Aidan created a gamified 8-part course for the Special Olympics of Southern California. The course, 8-Days of YAY! was presented by Aidan to the athletes and the focus was mindfulness with a comedic twist!


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