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Derrick Watkins Comedy Hypnosis Show

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Derrick Watkins is a stage hypnosis entertainer, author, and keynote speaker with more than 15 years experience. Derrick brings to the stage high quality professionalism, charm and energy that is unmatched. As a free-style hypnotist, Derrick can train, educate and entertain any type of audience!

Specializing in highschool, college (HBCU) and corporate entertainment, Derrick has a gift that uplifts students and helps students tap into the power of their minds!

Off stage , Derrick has help people improved their lives who needed hypnosis to remove fears, phobias, and relationship loss and grief. Using his extensive knowledge in NLP, relationship grief, handwriting analysis and Masters degree in social work, Derrick can help you overcome any obstacle.

Derrick began his career as a motivational coach who helped people overcome addiction, increase motivation and success as well as standing and delivering as a motivational keynote speaker .

Certified and trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), handwriting analysis, face reading and drug addiction, relationship loss and grief coaching. Derrick recognized that his free-style hypnosis skills was being applied every time he spoke to an audience. It did not take long for him to realize he had a gift and power to communicate, motivate and educate people about the power of the mind and how hypnosis can increase its power.

Derrick continue to expand his knowledge, learn more skills , techniques and develop a style of comedy stage hypnosis not seen on stage.

As the worlds coolest hypnotist, Derrick is a highly-sought after hypnotist that has been seen on TvOne News, TRL-MTV, The Bleecher Report, 98.7Kiss-Fm-New York, Love and Hip Hop-New York as well as many radio stations and podcast. Derrick decided to focus mostly on comedy hypnosis entertainment because he loves enervating and educating people about hypnosis and is one of the best in the world!


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