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High Roller Casino Night

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*One large room, to be transformed into a Casino

*3 hours to play

*Some students who are willing to make a wager

GP Entertainment’s High Roller Casino brings a touch of Vegas to campus life. Complete with professional gaming gear and pit bosses, this event can be customized to bring your group virtually any game of gambling they would like to play. Blackjack, Craps, Let-it-Ride, Roulette, or Hold’em; if they play it in Vegas, we can probably make happen – that is, provided you don’t want to bet on bear wrestling, or baseball, or anything illegal like that. Rest assured, all High Roller events are family friendly and all bets are made with High Roller chips and High Roller money, but cash prizes of up to $1000 are available too. For a truly authentic experience, ask about our Slot Machines as well.