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Jay Black - Don't @ Me

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Jay Black's NEW show for Fall 2019 deals with a Nationwide addiction we all have to Social Media. Jay's new show is Don't @ Me dealing with how to get UNHOOKED on Social Media and finding a better way to communicate. Working extensively as a club comedian, Jay has appeared everywhere from Atlantic City to Las Vegas (The Tropicana, MGM Grand) to Los Angeles. Jay is currently touring the Funny Bones and Improvs as Kevin Nealon's opener and has performed nationally at over 700 colleges. In 2009, Campus Activities Magazine named Jay College Comic of the Year, in 2013, APCA named Jay College Comic of the Year, and All Around College Performer of the Year, and in 2014, APCA named Jay College Comic of the Year once again. Recently, Jay starred alongside Scott Wolf in the film After I’m Gone.


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