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Nadeen Manuel

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Award Winning Hypnotist Nadeen Manuel has hypnotized well over a hundred thousand people for almost two decades; providing comedy hypnosis shows that cater to all demographics. Nadeen’s seminars include live demonstrations and must see-it-to-believe-it transformations right before your eyes. She is a well respected authority in her field specializing in certifying and training medical professionals to become hypnotists. Nadeen is one of the top experts in the world at creating positive change using her advanced techniques in Hypnosis, Body Language and Neurolinguistic Programming. As soon as Nadeen steps onto the stage her presence alone commands immediate interest, fascination and FUN!

Nadeen’s Comedy Hypnosis Show will have you roaring with laughter as you witness the amazing power of the subconscious mind; featuring mesmerized audience members as the stars of the show! Her performances are celebrated as one of the most entertaining shows on land or sea - it's fun, tasteful, family friendly and outrageously funny - come see for yourself why they call Nadeen the undisputed Queen of Comedy Hypnosis!

1. The only English speaking hypnotist who can hypnotize her volunteers in seconds
2. No boring hypnosis induction; only fascination from start to end
3. Headliner for major cruise lines for over a decade; performing thousands of comedy hypnosis shows and seminars
4. Works with cancer patients. Certifies and trains dentists and medical professionals from all over the world to become hypnotherapists
5. Creator of Hundreds of Self-Hypnosis audio programs


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