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Niels Duinker (Comedy Juggler) Gravity is a Joke

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Gravity doesn’t stand a chance with Niels Duinker in the room. Crowds around the world – from Europe to Asia, from Las Vegas to Dubai have experienced the wonder and excitement of Niels Duinker live.

Originally from Holland, European and now living his American dream, Niels has set 9 Guinness World Records and got awarded "Variety Act of the Year" three times!

Clubs, machetes, and even jokes are kept flying effortlessly in this fast and funny variety show that has delighted audiences on all 7 continents. Watch as Niels juggles knives, blindfolded! A trick he hopes to see for himself someday.

Niels started juggling at the early age of 12 years old. He’s taking juggling to new heights and performs the juggling of up to 7 balls, something that took him 4 years to learn. Think of it. That’s the same amount of time it takes to get your college degree.


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