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Price It Right Game Show

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•At least a 30x20 ft. stage or room

•3 hour set-up; 2 hour tear-down (ground-level load in preferred)

•$500 to provide minimum prize package

What you’ll get
It’s no secret: television’s The Price is Right has long been a college favorite. That’s why GP Entertainment has created Price it Right, an interactive game show cast in the original’s image. Price it Right is just about identical to its televised counter-part, except for that it comes live to your school and gives you much better odds of winning. With a minimum cash payout of 500 dollars, everyone’s going to want to play this game; and, the best part about it is that most everyone will already know how.

1. Contestant Selection – All audience members must register upon entering. The road crew and game show host will hand each audience member a price tag name badge. The audience member will write their name on the name badge. Random selection will determine which audience members will become contestants. Due to time constraints and pricing game length; unfortunately, not all audience members will be able to participate in the pricing games.

2.Introduction – Game show host and assistant introduces themselves to the crowd.

3.Game Rules – (4) audience members are called down to participate on “contestant row.” They will bid on an individual item for a chance to play a pricing game. The pricing game participant will win a prize if they successfully complete the game. After each pricing game a new audience member is brought forward to contestant row. At the shows mid-point, the winning participants are brought onstage to spin the wheel. This will determine which winning participant will play in the “showcase showdown.” Only (1) winning participant will be selected at this time. At this point, the show continues with more pricing games. At the conclusion of the final pricing game, all winning contestants from the second half of the show are brought onstage to spin the wheel. This will determine which winning participant will play in the “showcase showdown.” Again, only (1) winning participant will be selected at this time. There are now (2) showcase showdown contestants. The showcase showdown portion of the game will begin. During the showcase showdown the two remaining contestants will each bid on a showcase. The contestant with the highest score from spinning the wheel starts the showcase. They are advised of what the showcase contains. They may choose to bid on the showcase or pass. If the contestant chooses to pass on the showcase, at that time, they will be advised of the contents of the second showcase.
They are required to bid on the second showcase. After the first contestant bids on their showcase, the remaining contestant will bid on theirs. The contestant whom is closer to the actual retail price of their showcase without exceeding its’ price will win the showcase showdown and the game.

4.Pricing Games – This game show has several pricing games which contestants will participate in. The pricing games selected by the gameshow host, include, but are not limited to:
d.The Grocery Game
e.The Dice Game
f.The Shell Game
g.Let ‘Em Roll
h.It’s in the Bag

In certain circumstances time may not allow for the playing of all games. As such, the game show entertainer and crew reserve the right to substitute, omit, and/or discontinue games from play at any time.

5.Prize Package – This game show requires a minimum prize package of $500.00, which is in addition to the entertainer’s fee. Contestants will win either cash or physical prizes.

Requested Space Requirement for this show: 30’ x 20’

Ground level load-in preferred.

Setup Time: 3 hours prior to show time (teardown approx 2hrs)


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