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About GP Entertainment

When GP Entertainment was founded back in 2004, it wasn’t much more than a small and struggling start-up agency with a few determined performers and a vision. That vision was to become the most talented and ethical booking agency in the nation, and today, in 2015, GP Entertainment is well on its way to making that vision come true. In less than a decade, GP Entertainment has grown into the east coast’s premiere booking agency, and it now proudly serves the college circuit as well as performing arts centers and high schools across the nation, with an impressive collection of celebrity entertainers.

In addition to its mission to remain both talented and ethical, GP Entertainment has made it a conscious goal to remain as versatile as possible. It’s no surprise, then, that GP has grown into the type of booking agency that truly has it all. Acts include:

Ghost Hunters
Game Shows
Leadership Speakers
Interactive Events
Novelty Entertainers
Mind Readers
Diversity Lecturers

What’s more is that GP Entertainment doesn’t just sign anyone to their roster. The staff at GP prides itself in only signing the type of performers they would want to see perform live. That means great performers. Entertaining performers. The type of performers who get recognized.

Performers like:
Joel Meyers – Nominated Campus Activities Magazine’s 2012 Best Male Performer and Best Small Venue Performer
Jackie Tohn – Nominated Campus Activities Magazine’s 2011 Best Female Performer
John Zaffis – Nominated Speaker of Year by the Association for Campus Activities in 2006 and 2007, and Speaker of the Year in 2008 by Campus Activities Magazine

And performers who win awards, too:

Gary Johnson – Winner of Campus Activities Magazine Reader’s Choice 2014 “Musician of the Year”

Justin Kredible
- Campus Activities Magazine’s 2007, 2008, and 2009 Entertainer of the Year
- Campus Activities Magazine’s 2009 Male Performer of the Year
- Campus Activities Magazine’s 2008 and 2009 Novelty Entertainer of the Year

But let’s not forget about GP Entertainment’s staff.

When you work with GP, you can rest assured that you’ll be booking high quality entertainment, no matter what type of act you need. That’s a great incentive, especially considering that a performer can make or break your event. To sweeten the deal, though, it’s worth mentioning that the GP Entertainment staff is one that strives to provide service excellence. GP’s goal is and always has been to combine fair and ethical business with the very best performers in the nation, and it’s a goal they continually meet. For the customer, the outcome of this goal is always a wonderful, worry free experience, and a high caliber entertainment act that’s sure to solidify their event’s success.

With GP Entertainment, no detail is too small. As a booking agency, they’re in the business of making people happy, and they’ll do whatever it takes to make that happen for you. So, if you’re looking to put on a show, consider GP Entertainment. They guarantee that it will be a good one.