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Aidan Park - The Art Of Being Yay- Virtual Wellness Show

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1) The science of being Happier and how emotions work.
2) The importance of being happier and why it is the greatest asset that one can have in living a productive and fulfilling life
3) Provide actionable techniques which individuals can use to improve their sense of self-worth which dictate future outcomes for success.
4) Deliberate thinking tools manage limiting beliefs
5) How to create a sense of optimism and freedom by tapping into a feeling of greater self-efficacy

Comedian Aidan Park may be the gayest person alive… Yes, yes, He likes men but he is also a very happy individual most of the time! So how does a recent widow and non-college educated, undocumented immigrant raised in the poorhouse by a single grandmother who was diagnosed as HIV Positive as a teenage get the reputation as one of the happiest person known by anyone who know him and achieve success as a multi business owner, headlining comedian, author and respected advocate for self-development?

It ain’t the lottery nor delusion. It’s molding and guiding of the thoughts in your head in the direction of happiness

In this seminar, Aidan shares his “art of being yay” by providing tools and examples to help the audience guide their own thoughts in their head with the goal of positioning themselves for greater joy and success. Aidan provides hilarious and deeply personal examples of those thought tools in action by sharing all kinds of scandalous and juicy stories from his past that will “out drama” a lifetime TV movie. All with the goal of giving the audience tools for a more joyful, inspired and productive lives!

Tales of infidelity, death, scandal, heartache, love, friendships and betrayals oh my! All with the goal of sharing how to develop a feeling of self efficacy and deliberately promoting self-worth within oneself. So sit back and get ready to find the joy and hilarity and get ready for a happier you with the help of Aidan's “The Art of Being YAY’

Aidan Park is an actor, comedian, author, coach and serial entrepreneur!

A dedicated student to personal growth and expansion, Aidan has attended dozens of seminars, studied Neurolinguisgtic programming and hypnosis concepts, read hundreds of books in his dedication to self development and even got a life coaching certification.

Aidan's main motivation for his study was always for his personal development not to become a coach. In fact, Aidan kept a low profile around his studies while he trialed and errored his way to his various successes.

Without a college degree or "formal methods of training" Aidan has started and currently runs two successful businesses in addition to being a headlining comedian, a working actor, a social media influencer with 60k+ followers and content creator.

Aidan also successfully created and produced the first brand of LGBT comedy show called "Rainbow Pop" at one of the biggest clubs in the world. Hollywood and Long Beach Laugh Factories. During it's four year run, Rainbow Pop had partnerships with such advocacy groups such as NOH8 Campagin, Aids Healthcare Foundation, Equality California and the show combined elements of hilarity and awareness and positively affected the landscape of LGBT comedy in Hollywood.

Aidan has recently decided to share what he knows about happiness and success by writing his first book. "The Art of Being Gay". with a foreword by Margaret Cho! The contents of the book were quickly then turned into a seminar to help more individuals interested in leading more joyful, productive and inspired lives.


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