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Courtney Davis

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Courtney Davis is a stand-up comedian, writer, and actress. She recently placed as a semi-finalist at Caroline’s annual “New York’s Funniest Comic.” In addition to performing nightly at comedy clubs, she can be seen doing improv at Upright Citizen’s Brigade.

Courtney’s love of comedy began in her hometown of Austin, Texas, where at her elementary’s school’s talent show, she did an absolutely perfect impersonation of her eclectic 3rd grade teacher—lisp and all. Unfortunately, she was suspended for 3 days after her performance, but a true iconoclast had already been born.
She was introduced to the world of television after she was cast on the first season of NBC’s “Friday Night Lights.” Now living in New York City, she is the creator of web-series “Domestically Challenged,” and can be seen filming her prank show “Can I Sit Here?” on the subways on Manhattan.

Courtney spends her time writing, performing, and hosting events around NYC, and still maintains a strict policy of knowing no shame nor feeling any pain.


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