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Derrick Watkins - Easy Self-Hypnosis for Grief and Loss

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Easy Self-Hypnosis for Grief and Loss
Change Your Handwriting,Change Your Life!
Easy Self-Hypnosis for Success!
Why Good Girls Like Bad Boys?
What Makes The Great… Great!

Trained in Self-hypnosis and motivational techniques, Derrick can help anyone remove fears, phobias, loss and grief which often blocks one’s peak performance .Using his extensive knowledge in NLP, social science and psychology, Derrick can help you overcome any obstacle that has prevent you from doing your best!

Derrick is certified in hypnosis, NLP, handwriting analysis, face reading, and holds a PhD in psychology specializing in loss and grief. He has appeared on NBC, ABC, FOX, VH1, TvOne, MTV and numerous Radio and Podcast stations. He is also the author of two best selling books; Why Good Girls Date Bad Boys and Hypnotic Dating.