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Dustin Pari from SyFy's Ghost Hunters

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Dustin Pari, also known as "The Paranormal Rockstar", is one of the leading investigators and personalities in the Paranormal field. His interest in the unknown began as a child, and developed into a passion that has spanned over 20 years of investigation documentation. Be it Cryptozoology, Cultural Folklore, UFOs, Urban Legends, or the Spirit World, Dustin has looked into each in great detail.

With an extensive professional background, and College degree in television production, Dustin has used his skills as a media professional to document evidence and make a case for the things others write off as impossible.

He hosts many private and public events at haunted locations throughout the year, and also tours the College campuses and theaters across the United States giving lectures about the paranormal with a focus on information and education, not sensationalism. Dustin also has authored two books on the paranormal, and has two more currently being written.

Dustin Pari has appeared throughout several seasons of both the Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International programs on the SyFy network, along with an appearance on Destination Truth, and most recently, Anderson Cooper's talk-show, "Anderson".


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