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Eric Mina - Comedy Hypnotist

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Eric Mina dares audiences to dream with his comedy hypnosis show that has been performed at over 100 schools. The audience becomes the show in this unique and hilarious approach to hypnosis. You have never seen a show like this one. It combines comedy, inspiration, and fun to create a once in a lifetime experience. In Eric's show, you will witness live talent competitions, dance-offs, and even a part where the hypnotized students create their own crazy and hilarious charities. Audiences will be screaming with laughter as they watch what is bound to be your campus's new favorite act. Eric draws a huge crowd and never fails to amaze students and give them a show that they will be talking about for years. He has been referred to as incredible, mind blowing, and has turned non believers of hypnosis into believers. His performances can be rated from PG to R. He is guaranteed to amaze audiences with his show that you will want to see again and again!


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