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J. Antonette

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After finding herself as a background singer for Grammy Award winning artist Melissa Etheridge, and Jerry Wonda's Platinum Sound Band, this New York native honed her craft as a playful-yet-passionate multi-genre singer-songwriter. Encompassing elements of pop, rock, urban infusion and hints of her upstate Americana roots, her 2016 debut album "Lollipops & Daggers" (featured on Kiss FM & iHeart Radio) arrived followed by sold out shows in NYC.

With her new single “Somewhere in the Middle,” set to drop this October, this former pop singer is excited to showcase a whole new country sound in her New York meets Nashville styled upcoming EP, "Paper Trail".

“On an irrationally rational whim, I decided to spend one month traveling Europe and left 3 days later. While on my whirlwind adventure, I realized I was leaving a paper trail of melodies and memories all the way back to New York. If you need me, find me on my paper trail.”- J.A.

In addition, she continues to tour with celebrity acts and enjoys composing music for TV, film and artists.


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