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Jay Black - Quarantine Fun Time Game Show

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The Jay Black Quarantine Fun Time Game Show

A quarantine does NOT mean that you have to cancel student programming.
Three-time college comedian of the year, Jay Black, a veteran of over 1,000 college performances, is offering Twitch-powered comedy game-shows for your school during the
quarantine. Here’s how it works: your students login to Twitch (owned by and free-to-use) and join Jay’s stream at the announced time. Twitch can be used on any computer or mobile device. For 30 minutes, Jay jokes with the students via chat and sets up the rules of the game. Then, for 60 minutes, Jay video hosts a custom-written game show for your college. It’s a mix of both general trivia questions and questions about the history of your school, current events on campus, and about athletic teams. (Image shown: a sample of how the game works, Jay’s live video stream along with the questions written specifically for each school!) The students can chat, answer questions, and root each other on, right from their smartphone,tablet, or laptop! The game automatically tabulates a winner’s pool based on each contestant’s answers and out of that pool, we can select students to receive various prizes, which can either be sent electronically or picked up on campus. This is an easily-accessible student activity crafted specifically for your school and hosted by a college comedian who knows the market better than anyone. It’s all the fun of a campus game show without your students needing to leave their rooms! Show your students that campus events aren’t stopped by a quarantine and that student activities will work within the parameters of any challenge to provide every person on campus a fun and safe evening of entertainment.


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