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Jessica Gerlach-Petrovic

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Jessica Gerlach-Petrovic is a writer/producer originally from New York, with sixteen years of writing experience. After living in New York City to attend acting school at Herbert-Bergoff Studio, she moved on to live in Toronto, Canada where she began acting for a web-based comedic show called, “Totally Unexpected”, where the producers fell in love with her ideas and asked her to become a writing partner on the show. During the ten years Jessica spent living in Toronto, she has also produced music videos such as, “2Ntrigue’s, Kryptonite”, and interviews with real estate mogul, Katrina Campins, for the show, “Mission Inspired.” Jessica also assisted Gerald Barclay of Gee Bee Productions with multiple film projects for a span lasting for fifteen years and continues today. Jessica is the co-author of Gerald Barclay’s recently published book called, “Shooting the Clan: A Eyewitness to the Rise of the Wu-Tang Clan.” After spending ten years in Toronto she relocated to Belgrade, Serbia where she became involved as a writer/researcher for a documentary called, “The Guardians”, by award winning director, Billie Mintz. While living in Belgrade, Jessica quickly became the deputy director at a branding company where she worked with high profile celebrities, luxury products and companies, due to her strong writing, communication, and negotiation skills. Most currently, Jessica is the writer/producer/co-creator of a film project called, “The Sixteen”, which she has taken on with Gerald Barclay, and will be in the United States screening this project and speaking at numerous colleges and conferences. Her secret project is a book about her life and travels, which led her back home to New York. Jessica is also certified in hypnosis, neuro-linguistic programming, and freelance journalism.


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