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Joshua Seth - Inside Your Mind

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JOSHUA SETH is a celebrity voice actor (and world touring magician) turned entertaining keynote speaker and virtual emcee. He's known to millions as the voice of over 100 animated TV shows and movies (Digimon, Akira, Spongebob).

As a headline entertainer, Joshua toured the world for over a decade with his highly successful show "Psychological Illusions". He's performed live on stage in over 40 countries, had 5 TV specials in South Korea and Japan, and presented in front of 20,000 people at the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas.

He is also the author of three books, including the bestselling peak performance book "Finding Focus In A Changing World".

These days Joshua shows leaders how to speak with influence, communicate with confidence, and improve their presentation skills so they can make a bigger impact on the world.

His clients include many of the world’s leading companies, including Pfizer, Uber, Adobe, Deloitte, Condé Nast, Zoom, and Disney.

Joshua currently lives in Florida with his two children and loves being a dad.


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