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Joshua Seth - Voice Over Actor

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Joshua Seth is one of the most legendary voice actors in anime. Millions of kids grew up listening to him as the starring role of Tai, the leader of the Digimon on the hit TV series and in all 8 movies over the past 25 years. He also stars as the voice of Tetsuo in the anime masterpiece Akira (2001).

Other fan favorite roles include:

• Hige in Wolf's Rain
• Shobu in Dual Masters
• Young Knives in Trigun
• Joe/009 in Cyborg Soldier 009
• Chaos in Xenosaga
• Maruss in Zatch Bell
• Lord Dio in Last Exile
• Daisaku in Giant Robo
• Alpha 5 in Power Rangers
• The Prisoner in The Spongebob Squarepants Movie

Currently, Joshua is the host of the popular Voiceover Champions Podcast and is a frequent guest at dozens of comic-cons and trading card conventions each year. Upcoming voiceover projects include a yet to be announced series on Crunchyroll and the starring role in a new movie.

This is a funny and informative lecture that's sure to be a hit with both anime fans and aspiring voice actors.

• How Joshua got started as a voice actor
• How he landed starring roles in Digimon, Akira, and more
• How the voiceover business changed dramatically during the pandemic
• How anyone can be a voice actor from anywhere now
• What you need to succeed as a voice actor or performer in any field
• Why Joshua left at the height of his success and why he's coming back now
• Audience Q&A

This lecture includes an autograph signing session for up to 1 hour after the presentation.


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