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Midnight Pilot

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Midnight Pilot is an americana folk-rock band originally from West Michigan. The four members have been playing together since early high school and have maintained the original lineup throughout individual collegiate endeavors that sent them to various corners of the country. Despite the distance, the band recorded and produced several full length albums over the years and continued to develop new material. In 2014, Grant, Kris and Justin moved to Nashville where Kyle had been living since his graduation from Belmont University.

Drawing influences from bands like The Beach Boys, Tom Petty and Wilco, Midnight Pilot writes music with good old fashioned harmonies fortified by steady rock rhythms perfect for cruising through ancient prairies at dusk in a drop-top Bel Air. The writing process typically involves a lot of trial and error organic group jams based on melodies from frontman Grant Geertsma. The self-titled debut album marks a new, stronger band. At its core, Midnight Pilot is a group of friends working to create the best version of their music as possible while remembering not to take themselves too seriously and to enjoy the ride.


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