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Nadeen -Virtual Self Hypnosis Show

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Nadeen Manuel’s background is in therapy; at her core, she is a healer. You must walk into her talks with the highest of expectations! Nadeen trains and certifies medical professionals to become Hypnotists, she is a Master Nero-Linguistic Practitioner and Body Language Expert. Having performed thousands of seminars and workshops, it’s nearly impossible to not be propounded impacted by her magnetic influence.YOU Will Experience:
- Powerful Body Language Secrets & Language Patterns You Can Apply Immediately
- Leadership Communication & Instant Subconscious Rapport
- Live Transformative Demonstrations

Before we can powerfully learn to communicate with the world, let’s figure out how we communicate with ourselves and extract own individual style to understand how you process information best. We will accomplish this now by doing a serious of visualization technique:

What you will find out about YOURSELF:
Your primary sense used for processing and communicating information
How you perceive time. Do you live in the past, present, and/or future?
How to adapt your body language to build powerful rapport
Hypnotic Language Patterns, Including Self Talk & Power Language


Certified Trainer At The Highest Levels In:
Neuro-linguistic Programming



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