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Paranormal Cousins - Dave and Pete

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Most ghost hunters can tell good stories about locations they investigated, or things they may have experienced.... but for Pete Leonard and Dr. Dave DeProspero, the Paranormal Cousins, the stories are a bit different. You see, the Cousins have had otherworldy encounters with the paranormal since childhood, and as adults they lead an active and well-known paranormal investigation team that travels the Northeast helping people who feel overwhelmed by paranormal activity. Pete and Dr. Dave grew up haunted and have a lifetime of incredible stories to share.

Authors, instructors and experts at public speaking, the Paranormal Cousins will captivate the audience and share some of their most bizarre experiences. A 90 minute multimedia PowerPoint presentation will be provided, filled with audio and video evidence collected over a decade of formal investigating. However, That's not all. The Cousins' energetic and dynamic presentation will draw your group in with crowd activities, prizes, giveaways, and an ever-present comedic undertone. Your group will be shaking both from fright as well as laughter! A questions-and-answers session will conclude the presentation.

Following the presentation, the Paranormal Cousins will lead your group on a one hour paranormal investigation at a location within your venue, or nearby. Using state-of-the-art paranormal investigation equipment, and investigation techniques backed by over a decade of experiences, your group may experience more than they expected.

The Paranormal Cousins have appeared in television, radio and print, are frequent guests at paranormal conventions throughout the East coast, host a bi-weekly radio show, and have made appearances at colleges nationwide. They look forward to exploring the history still alive at your venue!


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