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Pat Kilbane Zombie Fix

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Will you be killed and eaten by zombies before you graduate? Seriously, could a zombie apocalypse actually happen? The short answer is yes, and Pat Kilbane, author of The Brain Eater's Bible and zombie contributor for will tell you how. In a humorous but factual presentation, he will explain the organisms and technologies that could conspire to make the undead apocalypse real.

Following that, Pat will host "Zombie Trivia" where students compete in a quiz show-style game featuring questions about zombie pop culture. Prizes include over $200 in hardcover books, DVDs, action figures and other zombie swag.

Spooky fun for the whole (reanimated) student body!

Best known for his three-year run on Mad TV, Pat Kilbane has also appeared on Seinfeld and My Name Is Earl, and in the movies Evolution and Semi-Pro. Pat's performances on Mad TV were just released on DVD this summer, and he wrote and directed the horror series Dark Secrets announced this spring by Discover Networks.


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