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SCARED with Brian Cano & Chris Mancuso

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The SCARED! Crew has been investigating the paranormal since 2002, when they gathered up some cameras, a few friends and decided to look into the rumors of activity at nearby locations. They've tackled large, abandoned institutions as well as functioning places and residences. The group is built around the triumvirate of three viewpoints: the Scientist, the Psychic and the Skeptic. Not only do they tangle with the supernatural, they throw in an element of urban exploration into each of their shows. They go where you can't. They go where you won't. They go into the dark places of the world and try to illuminate it with the light of discovery.

The crew has been appearing at paranormal conventions all over the country, bringing their "Urban Explorer's Backpack" talk to the masses and leading and participating in hunts everywhere they go. Winner of 2010 AEGIS Award - Documentary Category for "SCARED! The Grand Midway Hotel."


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