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Simon Taylor

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So who is this Simon Taylor? First of all, and perhaps most importantly, he is Australian – a fact which he will hilariously tell you all about in some of his comedy segments. You may know him better from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, where he is a writer and comedian. He has toured the US too, from New York to Albuquerque and back to his non-Australian home in Los Angeles. In addition to being “a shooting star of the comedy scene” as said by Time Out, Simon also a diverse resume that includes writing a column for Beat Magazine, hosting the radio podcast Manthropology, and creating Flim-Flam comic. One thing that's certain is Simon Taylor has definitely created a stir in the comedy scene, and we can expect nothing less than “intelligent stuff from a rising talent” (The Age) from his future.

*Writes for Jay Leno.
*Recipient of The Butterfly Club's prestigious Under Our Wing Award.


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