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Tamara Beatty - Moves Like Jagger

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Celebrity Vocal Coach Tamara Beatty is known as a world class voice and performance coach in the music/entertainment industry. Entering her 11th Season coach on NBC’s Emmy Award show “The Voice”, Tamara is highly sought after expert in the field of voice and an accomplished educator who has created programming for singers and professionals with international reach. With her rare combination of work as a high level voice and performance coach, experience as a competitive athlete who has been trained by 3 Olympic coaches, and her work as a successful educator, Tamara is able to quickly zone in and draw out an individual’s unique and authentic voice, message, performance, and therefore their power and persuasive ability. She works at the highest level enabling her to speak on peak performance, the magic of harnessing your unique, authentic power, and how to stand out and be remembered on stage, in business, and in life.

Moves Like Jagger –
Walk Your Own Path, Blaze Your Own Trail

It all begins with a spark. A tiny inspiration of something you want to do, or be, or follow. It may be something you’ve been aware of your whole life, something you’re just taking notice of, or something you’re waiting for. No matter how you describe it, it’s what you’re called to do. And it’s in you.While following your dreams and passions can be exhilarating, it can also sometimes be difficult and confusing, especially if you are trail blazing a new path that has not yet been paved for you. Which rules do you follow and which rules, like so many of the ‘greats’ we love and admire, do you disregard in order to get to where you want to go? Ho can you trust your instincts, leap to peak performance, perform under high pressure, and still serve the spark inside? In this dynamic and uplifting talk, Tamara shares stories of her journey of living in small town of 1,500 people with a big dream, and the insights she has learned along the way to take her to working on one of the world’s most popular reality TV series.

Talk takeaways:

• How to access your ultimate capacity, creativity, and best performance in daily life, career, or sport. She shares 2 high performance techniques used by elite athletes and entertainers
• Striking a balance between following rules and making new ones
• How to serve ‘the spark’ and do what you’re ‘called’ to do

Elite Voice and Performance Techniques –
For Students and Professionals

This workshop is all about helping individuals translate at the highest level, deliver peak performances, and instantly be more compelling. Highly reputed for being able to zone in, find, and draw out the unique qualities inside each individual that make them memorable and even ‘brandable’, Tamara shares various voice and performance techniques used by the best of the best in the fields of entertainment, athletics, and business. These techniques help people quickly be more confident, authoritative, authentic, and professional whether they are public speaking, leading a group, delivering a presentation, doing an interview, or appearing on camera. In this one of a kind, dynamic workshop, Tamara will share both concrete ways individuals can use their voice, body, and presence to instantly be more compelling, as well as intangible tricks to really stand out and be memorable. No other book or method will get these results. See the differences instantly with optional live coaching of volunteers in a safe and fun environment.
Talk takeaways:

• 3 Ways to use your physical voice for greater impact (and 2 ways NOT to use your voice in order to keep everyone interested and listening)
• 4 Key tips to amplify your ‘presence’ and position yourself authentically as the trusted authority whether you’re interviewing, contributing to a group or meeting, presenting, or leading a group
• Tips to gain confidence and be your best one-on-one, in front of a group, or on camera, even under high pressure or demands

The Power of Your ACTUAL Voice –
(Not the One You Speak and Sing With)

Celebrity Voice Coach Tamara Beatty works with singers, speakers, entertainers and professionals to optimize, brand, and rehabilitate their voices. But even though she is considered an expert in training the physical voice, she has come to realize that our real voice is not physical in nature at all. Her work helping bring back voices when they have been lost on tour as well as her specialty work helping individuals reclaim their voices when they have been taken away due to abuse or trauma, has given her a rare and unique window of understanding of what a voice really is, and the unsuspecting power it holds for us all. No matter who you are, what you do, or what stage of life you’re in, she shares how your real voice, the one she calls the Capital V voice, is the motor and power for everything you do, and may just be THE most powerful instrument you have to access your greatness, live your purpose, and make your authentic impact in the world.

Talk Takeaways:

• The difference between your physical voice and your real voice – and the power they both hold for you in life and in your career
• The 4 Blocks in the way of you harnessing your voice and the greatness it holds, and how to dissolve them
• How to recognize and allow your real voice to: be more compelling; express yourself more freely, communicate more effectively, and share what you, and only you, have to offer the world


Get Your IT Together –
3 Secrets Behind Powerful Performances

Professional artists and their teams spend countless hours fine-tuning their songs, recordings, sets, and live shows. They vocal produce their songs, create unforgettable moments in their sets, and draw on slight nuances to pull out their authentic and signature movements, vocal stylings, sound, and brand. But at the core of every great performance and performer is the ability to effectively translate to audiences and ideally transport them to another place where they ‘feel’ versus ‘think’. In this compelling and dynamic talk, Tamara will share 3 secrets behind powerful performances: the importance of knowing your IT Factors (those things that really make you stand out), how to implement them in your vocal production, and her signature way of mapping powerful performances.

Talk Takeaways:

• The 5 IT Factors – Identifying What Your Top 2 Are (They are rarely what you think they are)
• Vocal Producing ‘Template’ How to Create Compelling Performances through Vocal Producing
• Intro to M.A.P.S. Tamara’s signature way of mapping out powerful performances

Add Ons:Additional time for Private Coaching, Live Group Coaching, and/or Q&A

Get Your FIT Together –
So You Can Be Undeniable On Stage & In Studio

The whole point of singing and being an artist is to express yourself authentically. Ideally this expression is seamless, sounds fantastic to you and others, and happens without hesitation. But it can take a lot of time to be able to do this, and oftentimes people find that if they express themselves freely they fatigue, or if they focus on ‘technique’ they can’t be in the moment. One sure fire way to solve this is getting the fitness you need to do what you want to do. Training your voice in the proper way will not only lead to more stability, strength, stamina, and control, it will lead to what’s really important: an authentic voice that can access emotions and ideas on the spot without hesitation. In this clinic Tamara unveils how ‘fitness’, when acquired in the correct way, allows a singer to thrive, withstand the demands of their shows and signature sound, and enables them to access their own unique voice and artistry. Join industry voice and performance expert Tamara Beatty to get the information and know-how you need to ‘Get Your FIT Together’ so you don’t have to worry about fatigue or think about technique in your performance.

Talk Takeaways:

• Training Triangle – The building blocks of training that will allow you to build vs. plateau and how gaining strength, stamina, control, and agility fit into this
• When NOT to use Technique – 4 ways to avoid using it
• Types of Practice – Not all practice is equal – Learn the difference between warming up, training, and restoring your voice, and the ONE THING you can do in your practice to dramatically improve results when building tone, range, strength, and stamina

Add Ons:Additional time for Private Coaching, Live Group Coaching, and/or Q&A

Vocal Chops –
Insider Pro Tips To Care for and Optimize Your Voice

Elite athletes have world class trainers, doctors, physio therapists, and sports psychologists to help them prepare for and withstand the demands of high level sport. But why is it that professional singers aren’t provided with a team to optimize their voice under the high demands that come with touring, shows, and studio recordings? When an artist goes out on tour, the demands on the voice don’t just include singing. They include socializing after gigs, early and frequent interviews, and dealing with stress on the road. Whether or not you’re out on tour, it’s so important to have the vocal chops you need to deliver the type of sound and show you want to put out there. But most singers don’t have the information and tips they need to prevent fatigue and manage a voice when it has been compromised due to overuse, misuse, illness, or injury. In this one of a kind informational talk that singers, producers, performers, and anyone who works with singers won’t want to miss, Tamara will infuse her experience as a former competitive athlete who has been coached by 3 Olympic coaches, and share her expertise as someone who gets called in to bring back the voices of singers on tour when they are lost or compromised. She’ll cover all the things you need to know to maintain signature sound, withstand demands and prevent fatigue and injury, and deliver your best throughout your career as an entertainer. Getting the Chops YOU need is maybe not what you’ve been told…

Talk Takeaways:

• How to Periodize and Taper your singing/practicing to prevent or reduce fatigue on Show Days, on Tour, and when withstanding demanding studio or performing schedules - a technique you won’t learn anywhere else
• How to really build strength and stamina required for tours, shows, and the studio
• Key Vocal Care Tips – No muss, no fuss ways you may have never heard of before to keep you on top of your game as a singer/professional voice user

Add Ons:Additional time for Private Coaching, Live Group Coaching, and/or Q&A


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