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Trilectric - Bella Electric Strings

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Bella Electric Strings is a highly entertaining string quartet and one GP Entertainment’s hottest new acts. Combining their classically trained sensibilities, their charm, and their beauty, these four talented soloists come together to produce energetic, rock-inspired arrangements, time and time again. Whether they're paying a classic rock homage to guitar god Hendrix, or getting a bit more technical with something Oz Noy inspired, the greatest thing about Bella Strings is that they play recognizable music in a totally new and unrecognizable form. This means that every song is a game of name that tune, and that if you’re brave you can even sing along.

*Have performed alongside: Beyonce, Andrea Bocelli, Shakira, and Cheap Trick
*Appeared on America’s Got Talent Season 1
*Recently featured in a David Foster and Friends concert
*Performed with legendary rockers Deep Purple at the Pearle Theatre in Las Vegas


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