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ZZ and Her Gentlemen

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It all started in Elementary School. They showed us what seemed like an infinite amount of instruments that we could choose from. I was drawn to strings. Everyone seemed to pick Violin, so, naturally, I chose the Viola.

I fell in love with music playing in the Orchestra and a year later, I joined the Chorus. In 5th grade at a recital I sang "Amazing Grace.” it hit me and everyone else in the room: wow, I can sing. I won "Whitesboro Idol" my Freshman year and had my first claim to fame in the Observer Dispatch. By Senior year, I was president of my A'Cappella and Orchestra. I would not be the musician I am today without the Music Theory and Performance education I received from Whitesboro High School.

My career in music catapulted after a singing competition in Utica at the Cornhill Fish and Game Club. I called my Mom after the first round and told her I was going to win. After weeks of eliminations and making it through to the final round, I was able to call and tell Mom I did it; I won! Throughout this experience, I met some wonderful people. One of whom would be the most essential part to kicking off my career- Grady Faulkner.

Grady worked at the Turquoise Tiger. The Tiger, known for its talented performers, is an upscale nightlife venue at the Turning Stone Resort & Casino. Grady arranged to have me sing for several of the managers. Overnight everything changed, and in July 2015, they created a house position for me, opening for all the bands every Friday and Saturday. It quickly went from opening, to breaking each band, to closing for each band. To this day I still am the Turquoise Tiger's Host: Madame Zz.

After a year of networking and meeting phenomenal musicians, I started branching out and singing with bands I had met at the Tiger. I also created my own band known as Madame Zz & Her Gentlemen. After venturing out to the Albany area, I started booking weddings as a lead vocalist with Silver Arrow Band. Currently I stay busy with them during the wedding season, perform as a duo or with my full band throughout the year, and am always looking for new performance opportunities!

When I’m on stage, it’s all about having a good time. Interacting with the crowd, the band, getting people dancing, it all feeds my passion to perform. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, restaurant, bar, or night club, I take pride in delivering the best experience I can. I want them to not only remember who I am, I want them to come back for more.


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